plant construction

Planning, projection and execution of newly built houses.

  • anlage


Mounting of house connection boxes
Mounting of single meters as well as multiple meters
Transformation metering
Mounting of satellite systems
Telephone systems
LED light systems with modern light measurements
Tubing within concrete construction systems
Distribution build-up
Projection, mounting and servicing of storage heating systems
Projections, mounting and servicing of:
* Aerials
* Satellite systems
* Broad band cable TV systems
* Intercom, bell- and door opening systems
* Video security systems
Mounting and declaration of public power utility systems
Provision and servicing of power used on sites
Provision of site lighting
Field service, and electrical compliance status for
Private households
Trade companies
Industrial plants

Execution of small orders and repairs
Execution of all requests, declarations and log-ofs with local power supply companies.